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Bringing Home the Bacon


Lunchmeat & Life Lessons

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Lunchmeat & Life Lessons15, Dec 2006

If you could stand at John Bichelmeyer's butcher block table, you would quickly learn some of life's greatest lessons. His daughter and national businesswoman Mary Bichelmeyer Lucas has gathered up much of dad's experience, wisdom and humor, and is serving it up in her new book, Lunchmeat & Life Lessons: Sharing a Butcher’s Wisdom, recently endorsed by Dr. Steven Covey.
John didn't only serve up pounds of ground beef and slabs of bacon at Bichelmeyer Meats in Kansas City, Kansas. John always added the "comeback sauce" with every order, that little added value that kept customers coming back for more than 60 years.

Now Mary has compiled her father's wit and wisdom into bit-size pieces of common sense that apply to everyone in every profession. Here… try a few samples:
• Make a good first impression—remember that the first hunk of meat you sell is yourself!
• See the best in people—if you don't like somebody, then they don’t like you.
• Take control of your life—be a person who makes things happen.
• Don't be self-centered—when you’re all wrapped up in yourself, you’re a very small package.
• Be prepared—don't let go of one limb until you have a firm hold on another.
• His unforgettable character referred to by the Kansas City Star as the "City Philosopher," John Bichelmeyer counseled his daughter over the course of 25 years as she made her way up the corporate ladder, eventually reaching executive management of a billion dollar company.

With more than 25 years of experience in employment and workforce management, Mary's father's advice has helped her coach many professionals to reach goals, enhance working relationships and improve team performance.

"I earned my B.D.—which stands for Butcher’s Daughter—by listening to my father's stories about how he achieved success in making deep connections with the people around him," Mary says. "Lunch Meat & Life Lessons will empower others to do the same."
Lunchmeat & Life Lessons is a slice of real world business wisdom from a butcher with an eighth grade education, and a plate piled high with experience. Mary says, "once you read this book, you'll wish John Bichelmeyer could have been your Dad, too."

Lunch Meat & Life Lessons is published by MBL Press, a division of MBL Consulting, LLC in Kansas City. It may be ordered at www.consultwithmbl.comor at www.amazon.com.

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